Oyster Blade

Oyster blade is a wedge-shaped muscle derived from the beef shoulder. It is flavour-rich and well marbled with fat.

Outside Skirt

The remarkably low fat content in the outside combined with the intense flavour of Wagyu beef gives our guest a dinner that is overflowing with flavour and completely guilt free!

Rib Finger

Our boneless rib finger has rich collagen fibers and proper cooking dissolves them into juices, transforming the tough collagen into tender gelatin.

Flap Meat

A smaller, triangular-shaped muscle, which is uniquely juicy, rich flavor of Wagyu beef showcased in this cut makes it especially good for grill.

Brisket Navel End

Our brisket is a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest of wagyu with its marbling content that is spread evenly, which needs to be cooked for longer time to guarantee a tender and delicious final flavor.

Short Rib

Carefully selected wagyu short rib is one of the must-order lists, which has a fresh and sweet taste with rich texture.